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I have discovered in my sculpture something that I used to feel when I was a performing magician during my high school and college years, living in Phoenix, Arizona.  It is the creation of visual paradox. As in magic, the viewer is seeing something that could not happen, and yet it is happening.  In my work I have been compelled for many years to use recognizable imagery as a starting point for making sculpture, i.e. musical instruments, tools, and firearms.  I choose these types of objects because they are well made and they also imply interaction with their human makers and users. Utilizing these objects as a beginning point allows me to use good craftsmanship as an integral part of the content of the work.  The sculpture becomes believable in this new manifestation and inspires visual and intellectual engagement from the viewer regarding the object’s expected potential functionality. Ultimately, I am trying to create an opportunity for someone to view common objects in a new light.

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